Privacy Policy

Tip Whip (“we” or “us”) collects information about Drivers when Drivers use our mobile applications, websites, and other online products and services (collectively, the “Products”) and through other interactions and communications you have with us. For persons residing in the United States, the Products are provided by Tip Whip. Capitalized terms that are not defined in this Driver Privacy Policy have the meaning given them in our Tip Whip Independent Contractor Agreement.

1. Scope and Application

This Driver Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to drivers who use the Products (collectively “Drivers,” or individually “you”) and reside in the United States. The Policy does not apply to persons (e.g. riders) who use our Products to request transportation (“Users”). If you interact with the Products as both a User and a Driver, the respective privacy statements apply to your different interactions.

2. Collection of Information

We may collect information from you during the course of your application for, and use of, the Products, which information may be stored, processed, and/or accessed by us, as well as our service providers, for business purposes, including for marketing, lead generation, service development and improvement, analytics, industry and market research, and such other purposes consistent with Tip Whip’s legitimate business needs. This information may include, without limitation, your name, photograph, mobile phone number or other contact information, location data captured by a Global Positioning System or by your mobile phone, and any information that you submitted with your Tip Whip Independent Contractor Application (all of the above together referred to herein as “Driver Data”). By submitting information to us during the application process and/or by using the Products, you consent to such collection and use of Driver Data.

3. Disclosure of Driver Data to Third Parties

Subject to all applicable laws, we may provide to a third party any Driver Data if: (a) there is a complaint, dispute or conflict, including an accident, relating to a Driver; (b) we deem it necessary to enforce the terms of an agreement between Tip Whip and a Driver or a Rider; (c) it is required, in Tip Whip’s sole discretion, by applicable law, regulation, ordinance, license, or operating agreement; (d) it is necessary, in Tip Whip’s sole discretion, to protect the safety, rights, property, or security of Tip Whip, the Products, or any third party; (e) to detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues; and/or (f) to prevent or stop activity which Tip Whip, in its sole discretion, considers to be, or to pose a risk of being, illegal, unethical, or legally actionable.

4. Location-Based Services

When you open or use our Products, we use the location information from your mobile device or browser (e.g., latitude and longitude) to help find Riders who we may dispatch you to pick up. The Products also use your mobile device’s ‘background location’ to tell us about your device’s location even at times when you are not directly interacting with the application. All of these ways of using your location data together are called “Location-Based Services.

You hereby consent to our use of Location-Based Services as described in this Policy and waive and release Tip Whip from any and all liability, claims, causes of action or damages arising from your use of the Products, or in any way relating to the use of the precise location and other Location-Based Services.